Test Shoot: Hannah @ Portfolio Models

I recently had the opportunity to test shoot Hannah from Portfolio Models (Nelson).
Hannah, who has been modeling for 2 years is amazing to work with. She is particularly skilled with her flow-posing and in addition to her brunette coloring also has striking blue eyes.
Using Auckland’s Viaduct as a setting, we were thrilled with the shots.
The Viaduct has so much to offer in terms of backdrops, from monochromatic, concrete silos to the industrial containers and the numerous textured walls.
I usually shoot in the studio, but was good to get out and embrace the natural diffused light and at times the strong harsh light of the sun.
Find the details of the gear I used at the end of the post.

Model: Hannah @ Portfolio Models – Instagram
Model Agency:  Portfolio Models & Talent

Gear Used:
Canon 5d Mark III
Canon EF 50mm f/1.2 L