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What else is in my camera bag

With NZFW coming up soon, i thought now would be a good time to share what else i carry in my camera bag. Apple Airpods: come in super handy to answer calls or speak to your second shooter who is on the other end of the runway. I also listen to podcast in between shows or while editing. Deodorant: super long days at Fashion Week and no one wants to stand next to Mr Smelly in the photographers pit. GoPro Hero Session 5: latest edition to my gear, i use this to record shows especially when there are multiple designers. […]

Shoot Fashion Shows with these 5 Simple Tips, You wont believe number 4!

Excited for my 5th year at New Zealand Fashion Week I wanted to share some helpful tips for new photographers. Fashion shows are live events, and can be, by nature, a stressful affair. Like in wedding photography, if you miss the moment, you miss the moment. The buzzing environment of fashion shows may not be everyone’s cup of tea, though some people thrive in these kinds of situations. I have been shooting 4 fashion weeks a year for the last 2 years now and it’s addictive. So here are some tips that I think would help Avoid using the flash. […]

Web Campaign: Rarefied

I was excited and nervous at the same time when the talented designers at Rarefied gave me the brief that they had in mind for their “Ridge” web campaign. Shoot a campaign at the Tangariro Alpine Crossing , what camera gear, what lighting equipment, what if the weather doesn’t hold up were the least of my worries. The crossing is a grueling 19.1 kms and that is no fun when you have to carry camera gear, enough water and a team of 7. We put together a mood board on Pinterest over the next week as we planned the logistics of […]

The Glocks at Kings Arms, Auckland

Last night I had the opportunity to shoot The Glocks at Auckland’s Kings Arm. Walking in to the pub I knew this was going to be a good night with a lot of photography opportunities, sometimes you just can feel it. The Glocks refer to their sound as “rock and growl” but i did notice an influence of punk in their music. The Glocks’s are a 5 piece band based in Auckland, New Zealand with Carl Hoggen – Vocals and Guitar, Mike Froger – Guitar, Rob Vazey – Drums, Phil Hardie – Bass and Angela Nicol – Vocals. I have been shooting concerts/events for almost 3 years now […]

Portrait Photography Workshop at Belgaum

It was a few months ago that the team at BPC advised that they were looking for someone to conduct a Portrait Photography Workshop in my hometown Belgaum. The idea did sound interesting and i was definitely keen to meet photographers from Belgaum. After several emails and Skype calls later the date was set for the 28th of April which coincided with my trip to India. I was a little nervous as i had only had workshop/Photowalks with fellow photographers from Auckland. This was something out of my comfort zone and that’s what made it more interesting. The Workshop: Concept -While covering […]