The Glocks at Kings Arms, Auckland

Last night I had the opportunity to shoot The Glocks at Auckland’s Kings Arm. Walking in to the pub I knew this was going to be a good night with a lot of photography opportunities, sometimes you just can feel it. The Glocks refer to their sound as “rock and growl” but i did notice an influence of punk in their music. The Glocks’s are a 5 piece band based in Auckland, New Zealand with Carl Hoggen – Vocals and Guitar, Mike Froger – Guitar, Rob Vazey – Drums, Phil Hardie – Bass and Angela Nicol – Vocals.

I have been shooting concerts/events for almost 3 years now and saw this as a good opportunity to share some of the camera settings and a little about my shooting style.

Exposure Mode:
Manual exposure is going to be your best bet for concert photography. The changing lighting scenarios can leave you with very bright highlights and dark shadows.

AF Setting
I shoot with AI Servo (Canon) which is similar to AF-C for the Nikons.

RAW enough said!

This usually varies between ISO 800 to ISO 3200. Larger venues usually have good lighting and shooting with wide aperture lens gets the job done.

Shutter Speed
I usually shoot  anything from 1/30th to 1/200th of a second. As mentioned lighting can be finite and shooting slower shutter speeds or bumping your ISO are the only options.

I’ll leave you with some pictures from the night. Thanks to 13th Floor for inviting me. You can check out The Glocks and download some of their tracks.

TheGlocks-3013 TheGlocks-3040 TheGlocks-3045 TheGlocks-3172 TheGlocks-3276 TheGlocks-3295 TheGlocks-3308