Shoot Fashion Shows with these 5 Simple Tips, You wont believe number 4!

Excited for my 5th year at New Zealand Fashion Week I wanted to share some helpful tips for new photographers. Fashion shows are live events, and can be, by nature, a stressful affair. Like in wedding photography, if you miss the moment, you miss the moment. The buzzing environment of fashion shows may not be everyone’s cup of tea, though some people thrive in these kinds of situations. I have been shooting 4 fashion weeks a year for the last 2 years now and it’s addictive. So here are some tips that I think would help

  1. Avoid using the flash. With a lot of photographers in the venue the chance that you’re ruining someone else’s picture with your flash, or someone else is ruining yours is high. Most shows would have a note to the photographers on not to use flash for runway shows. NZFW shows have good lighting, don’t be afraid to push your ISO high.
  1. Carry a Monopod, imagine 50-60 photographers on a 10ft by 10ft podium, with a mono-pod you can stand steady between all other photographers.
  1. 70-200 mm is a good range. This covers your focal length to cover full length and head shots to get some nice close ups of the accessories and make up.
  2. Network: with the leading designers, bloggers, and makeup artist all at the same venue. This is your chance to interact and get to know the industry better. As tempting it is to get to edit the pictures on your laptop. Look around and interact it is a networking opportunity after all.
  1. If it’s a multiple show event, try to make friends with some of the other photographers so you can help each other when this is needed (save good spots for example) and you can have a nice chat while waiting…

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Also, if you have your own tips not covered in this list, please write them in the comments box. Would love to hear what tips you have.

Carena West NZFW 2015