Portrait Photography Workshop at Belgaum

It was a few months ago that the team at BPC advised that they were looking for someone to conduct a Portrait Photography Workshop in my hometown Belgaum. The idea did sound interesting and i was definitely keen to meet photographers from Belgaum. After several emails and Skype calls later the date was set for the 28th of April which coincided with my trip to India. I was a little nervous as i had only had workshop/Photowalks with fellow photographers from Auckland. This was something out of my comfort zone and that’s what made it more interesting.

The Workshop:

-While covering many light sources, this workshop is intended to show how “big results can be achieved with little gear” It concentrates on principals, rather than a specific light source.
-Preparing and setting up lights for classical portraits.
-Using single and multiple lights. When to use light modifiers. Lighting ratios to control the subject and the background.
-Tips and tricks for posing people.
-Gain competence with hands on experience.
-Effective Interaction with your subjects

Learning outcomes
-This workshop will provide you with the tools and knowledge you need to create a variety of interesting well executed portraits.
-After this workshop you will be prepared to make great images of family, friends and strangers and approach portraiture with more confidence and skill.
-Gain experience before moving onto more advanced posing techniques.

Who should attend
-SLR photographers who are keen to take better portrait’s and have some experience with manual camera settings.
-This workshop will use portraiture to teach the basics of lighting before moving onto more venturesome full figure photography.

What to bring
-An SLR camera with manual capability. Optional equipment include, flash, triggers, tripods.

I wanted to restrict the number of participants to 10 as this was more of a hands on experience, would have been difficult to explain off camera lighting techniques to a large number of participants.

All in all it was an amazing day with a lot of positive feedback from the participants.

Special Thanks to: Vinayak Talukar, Prasad Parmaj, Uday from All About Belgaum and Navin Patil for the awesome location.