I was always fascinated by the vivid images captured by the lens for as long as I remember. That prompted me to plunge head on into the captivating world of photography wherein I could breathe in life to the still images captured through my lens. Therein began my tryst with angles, silhouettes and characters. Photography is something which I simply love to do because it gives me an opportunity to express myself and communicate without having to say anything.

My sincere endeavour lies in imparting the vibrancy of life through the images that I imprison. I have come a long way since it started clicking and I am living the dream that I had long envisaged. I have made the exceptionally scenic city of Auckland my humble abode for the last four years and have been covering the New Zealand fashion week since the year 2010. I also have the honour of being the official photographer of AUSM at Auckland University since 2010. My photographs have been published in the New Zealand Musician Magazine, Debate and Digital Photography New Zealand.

Without prolonging much, I promise you all that in future I will put my best foot forward to enthral you in my continuous attempt to infuse life within the images that I capture with my lens. Here is looking forward to my wonderful association with you all with a pledge to communicate with you through my photography.



My work involves


The Team

Anupam Singh
Founder, Creative Director and Head Photographer. With over 6 years experience in Photography in New Zealand. Anupam is the grey hair in the studio.